The Problem

Real estate agents or homeowners who have ever tried to sell a house can tell you that the more visible a home that's on the market, the quicker it will sell. The more hours a day that people are able to see that the house is for sale, the more likely you are to sell the home.

People are working longer hours and commuting farther than ever before. It is common that they drive in the dark to and from work before and after normal business hours. Thus, they are unaware of properties for sale when they are unable to see the For Sale sign.

According to leading industry experts, yard signs, even with the growth of e-marketing in the real estate field, remain one of the most important, if not the most important marketing tactic for real estate agents.

Real estate signs are an effective tool when seen. However, these signs only work for real estate agents during the daylight hours and then left dark and unseen at night.

Your for sale sign is a powerful business partner. Now you can put this business partner to work for you 24 hours a day, even while you sleep.

Just imagine how much more effective your for sale signs can be when they are working for you around the clock.

The economy has been tough on real estate agents at all experience levels. Now there's a solution that will give you a competitive edge.

The Solution

The more that people are able to see that a home is on the market, the better. Lighting up signs can really make a big difference in getting a home sold, since such lighting helps to advertise a property even after dark.

Thus, if you would like to advertise a property both day and night, and gain twice the exposure, then you may want to take a look at the solution that Sensible Solar has to offer.

Sensible Solar sign lighting is designed specifically to be a value-based marketing tool for Real Estate Agents and property professionals, delivering greater exposure to your current listings, and generate additional leads, sales, commissions and new listings.

Your time is valuable. Sensible Solar can save you time. Their sign lighting installs in just moments, and is completely stand-alone, no electrical connection required, designed to operate automatically each and every day without needing your attention or involvement. Set it up and let it work you day after day and night after night with no hassles.

A small investment in these powerful little lights can really pay dividends as far as getting a home noticed and sold faster.

Sensible Solar sign lights are designed to light both sides of a real estate yard sign. These bright, reliable solar sign lights will not add to your electric bill. And their solar sign lights are powerful enough to fully illuminate even large commercial signs.

Easy, quick installation in just minutes.

Automatic operation every night.

Models available for all real estate signs.

Lights serve as vandalism and theft deterrents. Because these signs are illuminated with Sensible Solar's bright light, and more visible to people passing by, or looking out of windows, would-be thieves are less likely to take the time to remove the light from the sign in the first place.

The Benefits

Solar Sign Lighting = Increased Visibility = Increased Leads = Increased Sales = Increased Listings =
Increased Income!

Using lighting to accentuate signs can be a great marketing tool, doubling the exposure that a sign might normally get, since they allow it to be visible even after dark.

Sellers will know you're doing everything you can to help give them maximum exposure to as many people as possible while conserving one of the most valued resources.

Solar sign lighting is the newest marketing tool an agent can provide their client while promoting themselves and the property as well.

Solar sign lighting extends lighting hours while leaving other signs in the dark.

Solar sign lighting shows potential buyers and sellers that you are helping to gain an edge over the competition.

Because they utilize the energy of the sun, solar sign lights carry absolutely no operating costs!

Peace of Mind! Peace of mind is a feeling that is often lacking in all of our lives today - but once in a while to just be able to sit back, relax, and feel like everything is taken care of and working as it should.

Ensuring that your listings are visible and emphasized 24 hours a day, each and every day.

Keeping your sellers excited about your representation because you have gone that extra mile to ensure that their listing is emphasized with that personal attention that only the Sensible Solar lighting solution can deliver.


Solar Sign Lighting = Increased Visibility = Increased Leads = Increased Sales = Increased Listings =
Increased Income!

With all of these advantages, and the opportunity to provide this additional value, solar real estate lighting provided by Sensible Solar makes sense.